Who we are

A small Boutique Design Studio specialized in the field of advanced digital production
for web, mobile and the other media.

Bruno was founded in 2008 with the same vision as today: to make inventive work, employ clever and good people deliver to the smartest and most demanding clients in the world. In an experience of 15
years we done websites, e-commerce, social networks, display advertising, games on mobile and web.

Our team is based in Milan and is compound by Gabriele Rizzo, Matteo Doni, Franca Spezzano
and Roberto Bruno.

We worked for Toiletpapermagazine, Teatro alla Scala, Infojobs, Telecom, DiSaronno, Campari Soda, Seletti, Feltrinelli, Cariparma, Olivetti, Weili Zheng, C’n’c, Cassius.


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